About us

About us

We are desperately passionate about our flowers. They are harvested only when the colour is perfect and their perfume at its most exquisite. These are definitely flowers you won't find in your local supermarket.


We work with the seasons and without chemical flower preservatives and are therefore able to offer beautiful, un-tampered, sustainable flowers - just as nature intended. At Mill Stream Flowers their uniqueness and individuality are celebrated.


Of course we would love to, and frequently do rant on endlessly about how they are grown close to our babbling streams and that they support our bee colonies, how caring for the environment is a priority but hopefully if you have got this far down the page you'd actually like to get hold of some.


It is our belief that a house is not a home without flowers and that everyone, whatever their budget deserves to enjoy beautiful flowers.


Our garden gate shop will be launched with this in mind in the spring. We will be selling individual bunches, tied bunches, living wreaths along with a host of other bits of gorgeousness. We're also looking forward to supplying table decorations and arrangements for those special occasions. We deliver to our lovely local florists and supply flowers to our beautiful brides and very efficient wedding planners.


Phone or drop us an email if you're curious, arrange a visit and pop in. The kettle is always on and often there's some really quite nice cake.